Did you know?
That according to the World Health Organization, low back pain is a leading cause of disability in the world.

Did you know?
That according to the American Pain Foundation, back pain is the main cause of disability amongst Americans under the age of 45!

Did you know?
That Americans spend $86 billion per year trying to find solutions to their aching backs.

Did you know?
That these $86 billion have not helped to reduce the amount of people suffering from back pain.

When you read this, you’re quickly inclined to believe that back pain is a modern times’ evil to which no one has to this day found - or is remotely close to finding - a solution. And yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Medical research and medical data very clearly demonstrate that in 85 to 90% of cases, back pain is NOT the result of a severe injury or a serious illness. Instead, it is “simply” bad posture and lack of exercise which are responsible for the majority of back complaints. We sit all day, often adopting bad postures, and we don’t exercise enough. There is nothing mysterious, or irreversible for that matter, about back pain. Bad posture and lack of exercise - of the back muscles - lead to weak muscles which easily overload. When muscles overload they contract, and when they contract they press on the surrounding pain nerves and activate them. When pain nerves are activated, they cause inflammation and muscle spasms. More about back pain

And so, A VICIOUS CIRCLE IS BORN in which pain and muscle spasms keep each other company, permanently or recurrently, and make your life a living hell. They make your life a living hell even though there is absolutely nothing seriously wrong with your back.

So, why so much money spent and such few results? It is not a question of there being no solutions available. It’s a question of very bad problem management. Experts agree: the problem – the epidemic – of back pain is being very poorly managed. Is that going to change any time soon? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, you’ve come to right place to find relief to your back pain.

In the vast majority of cases, back pain can be helped.

On this website you will find simple but accurate, scientific information regarding:

Back pain
Medical Reflexology as a science
Medical Reflexology as a very effective therapy against back pain
- What to do once the pain subsides in order to prevent it from coming back – in other words, how to return to a life without
(or with very little) back pain.

In my years of experience as a Medical Reflexologist, I have never come across a case of back pain that could not be helped. And the colleagues I respect have the exact same experience I have. The young, the old, the desperate, the sleepless, the hopeless who feel abandoned by the medical system, those who take anti-inflammatories and muscle-relaxers like candy… they have all found relief with Medical Reflexology treatments. It doesn’t matter how serious your condition is, how remediless you have been told your problem is, or whether you belong to the 90% of cases of back pain which are not severe – even though they can be extremely painful – or to the other 10%: REFLEXOLOGY CAN ALWAYS REDUCE THE LEVEL OF PAIN, even make the pain disappear altogether in many cases, provided you are in the hands of a GOOD Reflexologist. More about the benefits of Reflexology for back pain

The purpose of the website is to help you find solutions to your back pain as quickly as possible. I suffered from excruciating back pain myself for many years before I became a Reflexologist, so I know how urgent it is for you to feel less pain.


A. Read carefully the information on this website. It will:

Help you understand why and how your back hurts: this is where you begin to regain control over your own body.

Help you understand the science behind REFLEXOLOGY – there is nothing dark and mysterious about REFLEXOLOGY – and

Guide you in finding a GOOD Reflexologist.

Convince you that once the back pain is gone, it is possible to prevent it from ever coming back by strengthening the muscles in your back. You can control the pain, don’t let it control you!

B. Find a GOOD Reflexologist in your area. I guarantee that in the hands of a GOOD Reflexologist, your pain is on its way out. In just two weeks you could find yourself at incredibly low levels of pain already.

C. Once you feel your back pain has reached acceptable levels, you need to begin strengthening the muscles in your back.


It is a common mistake to think that because your back is weak you cannot do any exercise.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Appropriate exercises exist for all levels of muscle weakness.

More on Living without Back Pain

Feel free to consult the Links & References page, the Tips & Facts pages where you have the possibility to send me your own tips and facts, or the Testimonials pages where you can send me your own testimonial if you have any experience already with Reflexology for back pain.


A Certified Reflexologist, I graduated some years back from the International Institute of Reflexology in London and I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists in the UK. I am lucky to be able to say that I was trained by the very best – and I continue to attend seminars given by the best professionals the world of Reflexology has to offer. No healthcare provider should ever consider that he or she is done learning. I am also the owner of this website and the writer of all its contents. Having suffered greatly from back pain in the past myself – before I even knew what Reflexology was -, I wanted to create a purely informative website which would explain as clearly as possible both back pain and Medical Reflexology. It had to be easy to understand for all, while at the same time based exclusively on scientific facts and analysis. Click here to read more on Florence Cohen.

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